White Shamballa Bracelet

A White Shamballa Bracelet is actually white or clear because it reflects all colors of the rainbow. Our eyes interprets this as white.

White or clear is the color for new beginnings, enthusiasm, clarity of purpose, spiritual insights and inspiration.  This is why white diamonds are always considered the choice of the romantic or for engagement rings.

White is the color of purity, innocence, and truth. So when a diamond or crystal Shamballa Bracelet is worn it is connected to Goddess characterisitics. White Shamballa wearers rule the night and the dream world, and are bringers of new life, fertility, new beginnings and totality; endless complete love. Even the addition of one clear white bead to a Shamballa Bracelet signifies purity and love, such is the strength of total reflection.

White casts purity, innocence, virginity, cleanliness, and neutrality and stands for safety, strength, and cleanliness. Hence medical white coats, white wedding dresses, and the ‘white light’ of consciousness.

Stones and gems associated with white are obviously Diamonds, White Sapphire, Pearls, Opal and Quartz crystals.

The most popular White or clear Shamballa Bracelet is a Diamond Shamballa Bracelet. 

If you want a diamond bracelet you have a choice of either simulated diamonds or real diamond Shamballa Bracelets.

Simulated Diamonds are often referred to as Zirconium or Cubic zirconia (CZ).  They are almost as hard as diamonds, often whiter, in that real diamonds are rarely completely white, and can be cut in different ways to diamonds. Just make sure you know which you are buying as the price varies enormously.

Personally I do own a real diamond one, which I do think sparkles a bit more than the simulated or Zirconian ones I have, so when I wear it in the evening I think it is worth every penny. The one I went for was this Tibetan black and white bracelet with 1.25ctw of diamond.

I thought if I had a diamond I wanted it to wear with dark evening and not look cheap. This looks discretely expensive. There are lots more on this site and they don’t have to be expensive!