Making Shamballa Bracelets with Children

We are often asked about making jewellery with children. It is such a wonderful hobby to introduce both boys and girls to, not only because it creates an interest in making things with your hands, but it creates a sense of appreciation of other beautiful things.

SO many times however I have been so disappointed by the commercial kits on sale that I have bought the items myself. The problem with buying everything from scratch is that it sometimes¬† becomes quite expensive and I’m not sure I am keeping up with the latest cool fashions for children, especially as my daughter is so fashion conscious.

In my quest for good quality jewellery kits I came across Djeco. They are a French company, but their stuff is available from lots of places and they make absolutely devine jewellery kits. The quality of the materials are fabulous, look at the ribbons, beads and detail in this picture.


Djeco Bracelet Made from a Djeco Kit


We have made several of the Djeco bracelets.

Another favorite kit for children is the Interplay My Style Shamballa Fire Jewellery. The finished result feels as good as a shop bought one, and you get the chance to design your own color scheme as it includes enough beads to make 5 Shamballa Bracelets for children

Shamballa Bracelets for children

Shamballa Bracelets for children