How to Make Wrap Bracelets –

Supplies needed to make this bracelet- A customer suggested that we do a video on wrap bracelets. Once I started learning how to do them, I got hooked. It’s a very versatile and trendy stitch that you can do with practically any bead and any color of leather. Have fun and don’t get tangled in your thread! Supplies can be found at

How to Make : A Fishbone Hemp Bracelet - DIY

*READ ME !* This pattern looks complex and first , and being honest , it does get a bit tricky with all the strings (it’s kind of confusing at first) but once you get the hang of it , it looks super cute & it pretty easy too ! Experiment with how tight or loosely you pull the strings when tying a knot . Tight gives you an oval shape , loose gives you a circle . The bit I make in this video looks really messy , and not very good , but that’s just because I was sitting VERY awkwardly . I recorded this video at night , so I had to use my desk lamp for more light . I had to put it beside me , but also kind of infront of the clipboard so there wasn’t so much shadow . I had to have one arm around the lamp , (being careful not to touch it since it was hot) and the other one out awkardly , because i didnt want it blocking the camera’s view . The picture I showed at the beginning is off of Google Images , but if you do this pattern correctly , it should turn out like that . *GO SLOWLY ! For best results , don’t rush ! Take your time on making your ovals/circles PERFECT . Don’t rush like I did ! *Make sure your glue is CLEAR and VERY strong . I’ve never tried school glue or a hot glue gun with hemp , but I have the feeling they wouldnt work very well … But if you do try it , tell me how it goes ! How to start & finish hemp bracelets :
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