How to Make a Shambhala Bracelet, Part III: Sliding Knot Clasp – In this video, learn how to make a macrame sliding knot clasp. This adjustable clasp is an interesting way to connect braiding or knotting projects. Tied Up in Love Bracelet Project B1002 Shambhala Bracelet Project B1001 Electric Pop Bracelet Project B1018 Chelsea Bracelet Project B1021 You can find the supplies in this video at Beading Thread and Cord Cotton & Linen Cord Japanese Premium Waxed Cotton Necklace or Knotting Cord 1.6mm Brown SKU: XCR-4154 Japanese Premium Waxed Cotton Necklace or Knotting Cord 1.6mm Black SKU: XCR-4150 Beadalon Large Beading Mats – Prevent Bead Rolling 13 X 18 Inch SKU: XTL-9935 Cutting Pliers & Scissors Beadsmith Jewelry Wire Side Cutters (Nippers) Pliers SKU: XTL-5515 Adhesives E6000 Industrial Strength Glue Adhesive (1/2 Oz) SKU: XTL-1053
Video Rating: 4 / 5 Shamballa style (or Shambhala style) bracelets are a popular trend as many celebrities have been wearing this style. You can create your own bracelet in this style with a few components from Beads Direct. All you need to do is master the macrame square knot and you can make successful shamballa style bracelets for yourself or for gifts. To make the bracelet shown in the video you will need: MB297 — Dark amethyst crystal shamballa style bead 10mm x 3 MB255 — Lilac crystal shamballa style bead 10mm x 4 MB322 — Pink crystal shamballa style slider bead TC376 — 1.5mm black shamballa style cord EX7 — 6mm hematite round beads EX9 — 10mm hematite round beads W272 – Thread zapper Caution: The thread zapper tip gets EXTREMELY HOT when button is depressed. Keep away from children, flammable materials and skin. Keep cap on when not in use. For professional use only.