Diamond Shamballa Bracelet

A real diamond shamballa bracelet is described with the initials CTW meaning ‘carat total weight’. Hence the expression of 5 carat diamond which you often see describing a large single diamond. You can also have many diamonds which make up a total carat total weight, and many of the Diamond Shamballa Bracelets are made up of small carat diamonds, but all together because there are lots of diamonds they can get up to several carat weight.

The significance of a Diamond Shamballa Bracelet is the same as the meaning of a diamond in any jewellry. White or clear is associated with new beginnings, enthusiasm, spiritual insights, clarity of purpose and inspiration.  This is why diamonds are always the choice of the romance  and engagement rings.

My first Diamond Shamballa Bracelet was very like this one: Black Tibetan Diamond Shamballa Bracelet 0.1ctw . I didn’t want to spend lots so I went for one with a single bead made from diamonds making it only 0.1 ctw, ie one tenth of a carat. You can get these from Amazon at less than $100, about the same as the synthetic one, so I think that is a good buy.

The more expensive bracelets have more beads which contain diamonds. The 0.25 ctw Diamond Shamballa Bracelets are usually about $200-$300, these have around 3 beads made from diamonds. The next jump is up to a full 1 carat and these are around $500 to$1000. At this price you need to check to see if there is any gold, platinum or silver in the fixings as that will make a difference to price. A really good value bracelet is on offer from Amazon at the moment. It is 2.5ctw but on offer at half price at less than $1000 for that amount of diamonds is a good price. I have a similar colored one which is great for wearing during the day.

The ultimate is when every bead of your Shamballa is made from diamonds. These bracelets will set you back big monies, and I have always been frightened to spend that amount online, but with Amazon there really is little to be worried about. Amazon acts at the trusted go between and the bracelets I have bought I have had inspected by a jeweler (they will charge about $35-50 for an appraisal), all of them have been shown to be what I thought I was buying.

0.1ctw Diamond Shamballa Bracelet

0.25ctw Diamond Shamballa Bracelet

1.0ctw Diamond Shamballa Bracelet

2.5ctw Diamond Shamballa Bracelet

5ctw Diamond Shamballa Bracelet

Variety of Diamond Shamballa Bracelets

Jewels described as CZ are not real diamonds they are Cubic Zirconia…this looks like diamond but they are not real diamond. In terms of their appearance they are really good, I would suggest that anyone but a real expert would be able to tell the difference. Just make sure you don’t pay over $100 for these kind of Shamballa Bracelet, and I would add that every real diamond shamballa I have bought, I just know is special, so it makes me feel great, and I think they have a more intense shine, one which almost ‘lives’. If you want to know how to tell if a diamond is real head over to Wiki as they have a great check list.

Shamballa Bracelets which are described as ‘Diamond cut’ are also not real diamond shamballa bracelet either they are crystals cut in the same style as real diamonds.