Black Shamballa Bracelet

Black Shamballa Bracelets are the top selling bracelet of the shamballa trend.

Black is the absence of any other color and is often associated with mystery, fear, evil, death and the unknown, think about black holes!

It usually has a negative connotation (black-list, black comedy, ‘black death’), but it also denotes strength and authority; it is considered to be a very formal, elegant, and a prestigious color (black tie).

Black Shambhala bracelets are usually crystal beaded, black swarovski crystal being the most common and best make. There are real black diamonds, but these are incredibly expensive. My personal favorite is the Buddha Bracelet Unisex & all black with adjustable strap.

The hip hop trend has picked up on the black shamballa bracelet and renamed them disco ball bracelets.

There’s really no difference, but they tend to be more aggressive looking and I don’t really warm to them; with one BIG exception….I love the gorgeous turquoise of this skull bracelet, turquoise is such a lovely color and this bracelet reminds me that we are all mortal! It has the blackness, without being black. Does that make sense?

The other BIG exception is that Black Shamballa Bracelets make fantastic gifts for the men in your life. Men’s jewelry is hard to get right,but you can not go wrong with a Black Shamballa Bracelet for a man. A plain design is a safe choice, but the skull shapes make an interesting Shamballa Bracelet for men.

Black Shamballa Bracelets have come to be connected with power, elegance, formality. Again great for the men in your life!

Here’s a selection…